Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Graffiti Torrents 4-6-09

Still Free: A New Graffiti Experience [2006]

"STILL FREE is the result of many years of graphic implication in urban environment. The graffiti, graphic design, video, were the determining elements which pushed Charles ELOIDIN (the diector) to make this video. Its a permanent video mix of assembled sequences in a dynamic way, accompanied by an impressing video compositing. Charles ELOIDIN wants by the means of STILL FREE to reveal his universe entering in collision with the work of various actors of the graffiti current . Take part in this project, famous writers with different styles such as: POCH, IKO, SEZAM, JAYONE, DIZE, LEK, HNT, ADEK, NOE2, ZENOY, PWOZ, BEEDI B and well of others..."

697 mb - XviD - 2006 - Documentary - DVD Rip - English
(Torrent) - Aeroholics release

Hard 2 Burn Vol.1

German trains (Berlin)
VHS Rip - 691 mb - XviD
Download (Torrent)

The Forgotten City 2 [2006]

Chicago Graffiti (Bombing, Spots, The Buff... etc)
698 mb - XviD - USA - 2006 - Aeroholics release
Download (Torrent)

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