Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just to Get a Rep

Graffiti / hip-hop documentary - English - 2009

The first film to tell the true story of the origins of graffiti and hip-hop features exclusive interviews with New York's legendary spray-paint pioneers and today's leading artists from Europe and the US. Youths in neglected neighborhoods revolutionized the subway system by spray-painting colorful signatures that travelled downtown, uptown and ultimately worldwide. Up against cops, the media and the art-world, a global community of elusive artists continues to re-claim their urban environment. This is the full film in high-quality MPEG4 format. Full-res. Full-quality. This is the official release. 52-minutes long, as seen on TV in Europe and Australia. Now available anywhere in the world!

Directed by Peter Gerard

Torrent (764 MB)

Released on P2P


secuencia magazine said...

Secuencia magazine - latin america
magazine online for now
dedicaded to documentation of graffiti on clean trains

Secuencia magazine - latinoamerica
revista online (por el momento)
dedicada a la documentacion de graffiti en trenes

proximo numero en progreso (en papel)
envien su material a:

Mr_X said...

joder y yo sin verlo, gracias :D