Friday, December 18, 2009

The Move 2006

The Move 2006 DVDRip XviD-AEROHOLiCS DVDRip

528x384 | AVI | XVID 1304 kbps | 25 fps | Aspect ratio: 4:3 | Audio: MP3 128 kpbs @ 48 KHz | Duration: 67 min | 700 MB Audio Language: English | Subtitle: N/A | Release date: 14 December 2009 Genre: Graffiti

"The Move 2006 is packed with a lots of subways and trains from Lisboa, Porto, Paris, Roma and Scandinavia. Featuring energetic live action painting and rolling trains at the stations. Some electrocnic and hiphop music assists the action in the video. The Move holds up to its promise asan energetic graffiti movie with 100% trains and subways, and it's pretty good for the first portuguese DVD from 2006. Featuring various writer from Lisboa, Portugal and all over Europe, you know."



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Lee said...

Dude please put up torrent links too, rapidshit SUCKS.

ToXiK 'zine said...

I only post what I find.

People are uploading a bunch of graff torrents this week, will make a post on that.

derav said...

here is stealthnet link :